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You Blew It Feat 2015

UTG INTERVIEW: Tanner Jones of You Blew It! Discusses Hyper-Personal Songwriting & Getting Robbed on Tour

You Blew It! have certainly kicked things into high gear this past year and half. In the time that most bands put out an LP and rest on it, this Orlando, FL group decided to slap on a Weezer covers EP and  four-way split onto their discography. At the very beginning of 2014, they put out Pioneer of Nothing […]


REVIEW: You Blew It! – ‘Pioneer of Nothing’ EP

Artist: You Blew It! Album: Pioneer of Nothing EP Genre: Emo, Indie Label: Jade Tree Records Jade Tree Records is one of the best record labels. If you just take a quick scroll through their releases over the past 25 (?!) years, you’ll see that Jade Tree bands simply just make great music. There are probably very few, if any, […]

You Blew It! 2013

Share The Stage With You Blew It! In This Interactive Music Video

The opening riff of You Blew It!‘s “Award of the Year Award” is perfect for energetic shows in small, enclosed spaces, and the chorus should make any emo fan want to pile on the mic. This can be pretty frustrating if you’ve never seen You Blew It! live, but their new music video will give […]

You Blew It! 2013

WATCH: Audiotree Releases Live Session From You Blew It!

In the scope of  2014’s important music releases, Orlando’s You Blew It! have been garnering a considerable amount of praise for their recent Topshelf Records sophomore record, Keep Doing What You’re Doing. The folks over at Audiotree recently had the emo band over at their studio to record a fantastic live session. This band sounds […]

You Blew It! 2013

Watch You Blew It! Record New Album In Studio Documentary

You Blew It!‘s new album, Keep Doing What You’re Doing, has put the Florida band at the forefront of the emo genre this year, and their recently-released studio documentary offers a little insight into how they got there. The eight-minute video features interviews with the band members, producer Evan Weiss, and engineer Matt Jordan, all […]

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REVIEW: You Blew It! – ‘Keep Doing What You’re Doing’

Artist: You Blew It! Album: Keep Doing What You’re Doing Label: Topshelf Records Genre: Emo, Indie As someone who has written his fair share of album reviews, I always jump at the opportunity to take a look at the newest releases from bands on Topshelf Records. Their bands run the gamut of being anywhere from […]

You Blew It! 2013

You Blew It! Stream New Album

Florida’s You Blew It! have been at the crest of the emo wave since the release of their Topshelf Records debut, Grow Up, Dude, in 2012. For the follow-up, the group turned to producer Evan Weiss, the mastermind behind Into It. Over It. and a slew of other projects, and the results are stunning. Keep […]