K?d delivers a breathtaking “Doin’ It Right” remix

Daft Punk’s “Doin’ It Right” has received its fair share of remixes since 2013, but few artists have managed to deliver a product as genuinely fresh as K?d‘s overhaul of the track.  The original work’s constant, funky flow is replaced with an exercise in building up the French duo’s vocoder-laden hook before releasing all the built-up tension into […]

Kyle K.i.D 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Kyle (K.i.D) – “Silver Platter”

Ventura, CA hip-hop artist Kyle (or K.i.D) released the sandlot-style video for his new song “Silver Platter” and has plenty of energy to spare on this joint. This song was produced by Carnage and provides us with a taste of his unique sound and approach to the ever-expanding genre. We honestly cannot get enough. Read […]


Lil Wayne’s PSA #2

Today, Lil Wayne again felt the need to to tell us what we need. Because he knows the future. His latest public service announcement highlights his labels latest signing which will surely be a topic for discussion for weeks to come. I nearly laughed out loud when I watched this. Before I say anything more, […]


Pop music videos being removed from Youtube

The big media buzz this morning is obviously the MTV Video Music Awards. I didn’t watch them myself, but isn’t it more or less the same every year? Regardless, mixed among the hub-bub of auto-tuned pop star winnings is a peculiar web occurrence that is raising many questions.

The Sisu Kid Samples Sah

Keweenaw peninsula’s newest rapping phenomenon, the Sisu Kid, has released a new track on his myspace page sampling Sah’s “A Shiny Piece of Skin Dick.” Sisu Kid’s track, “The Believer,” is up on his myspace HERE. You can pick up a copy of Sah’s 11/03 HERE, containing the aforementioned track, “A Shiny Piece of Skin […]