Killing Joke

Jaz Coleman

Killing Joke Frontman Jaz Coleman Resurfaces

After disappearing in the wake of a mysterious Facebook post two weeks ago, Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman has resurfaced, unscathed and apparently unaware of the furore surrounding his actions. Coleman reappeared from the Western Sahara yesterday (August 12), where he had been hiding out for the past month while working on two different projects. The […]

Jaz Coleman

Killing Joke Frontman Jaz Coleman is Missing

You read that right. Vanished. AWOL. MIA. Whatever you want to call it, no one’s heard from the man and his band mates in Killing Joke are embarrassed and concerned. The British punk outfit recently pulled out of their tour with The Cult and The Mission, and Coleman hasn’t been heard from since. After the […]

Punk Rock Bowling announces more acts

The Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada has announced more bands for this amazing event. Tickets are only available here and there will be a limited number of 3 Day Passes being sold so get them soon.