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Soundgarden Perform New Song Live

Soundgarden‘s creative output is weird. They wait two to three years on average between albums in their creative peak, then break up and get back together for their first album in sixteen years… and before the tour cycle is even over, they’re already playing newer songs. I don’t think that necessarily means another Soundgarden record […]


REVIEW: Soundgarden – King Animal

Artist: Soundgarden Album: King Animal Genre: Rock A band’s return is a scary thing. Too often reviewers will be quick to point out the length between the band’s working together, and if the album is good, the time away is the reason the band wrote with passion now. If the album sucks, the time apart […]


Soundgarden Announces 2013 Tour

Soundgarden‘s King Animal comes out Tuesday. They have a few small shows lined up (and sold out) that should be pretty intense, but if you’re a normal person who is going to catch them at a bigger venue, they announced their full tour today. Tickets go on sale Monday, November 11, with stops in most […]


WATCH: Soundgarden – “Been Away Too Long”

Earlier this week, Soundgarden‘s upcoming album King Animal was posted for stream. Now, the lead single, “Been Away Too Long”, has its official music video posted. The review of the album will go live soon. In the video, a heroine escapes restraint from a straight jacket in a dark house to explore a snowy winter […]


WATCH: Soundgarden on ‘Later… With Jools Holland’

Alternative rock band Soundgarden is finally making rounds with TV performances and a few small shows before their main tour kicks off. That started in the UK with a performance on Later… With Jools Holland. This is the first time you can see “Been Away Too Long” live; they also performed their classic hit “Rusty Cage”. […]


ALBUM STREAM: Soundgarden – ‘King Animal’

I’ve been waiting for this album to drop for a long time now – since February 2011 when they first got back together, really. I’m posting it before I’ve even heard the full thing, so this is coming pretty fresh, but Soundgarden‘s King Animal is now available for full stream on iTunes, and it’s their […]


STREAM: Soundgarden – “Non-State Actor”

Soundgarden‘s first studio album in years, King Animal, comes out in a mere two weeks. Another song from the album, “Non-State Actor”, has been put online by the band, and this marks the second song in a row by them that I’m not let down by. This isn’t as good as “Been Away Too Long” […]


STREAM: New Soundgarden Single – “Been Away Too Long”

Earlier this week, grunge rockers Soundgarden released the artwork for their much anticipated return album, King Animal. Now they’ve released the next single from it, aptly titled “Been Away Too Long.” The band currently has no tour dates scheduled, but with drummer Matt Cameron free from his duties as a member of Pearl Jam, it’s likely […]


Soundgarden Releases ‘King Animal’ Album Cover, Trailer

Famed alternative rock band Soundgarden got back together in 2010, and released one new song on the Avengers soundtrack. They recently announced the title of their upcoming return album, King Animal. Now, they have released the artwork and posted a trailer hyping the release featuring a previously unheard tune. We here are at UTG are […]