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Ride Along 3

‘Ride Along’ Keeps Rolling Along

Three weeks in, and Ride Along‘s box office dominance remains unshaken with 12.3 million made this weekend. At this point, we’re left wondering how long of a tenure the comedy will have on weekend charts. Things haven’t changed much for Disney’s Frozen either, which has now been in theaters for the past 11 weeks, and has […]

weekly wax

WEEKLY WAX: Vinyl Releases For The Week Of 12/22-12/28

Welcome to the last Weekly Wax of 2013! We’re sending out the year with a slew of new pre-orders for film soundtracks (All Is Lost, the pricey but cool-looking Frozen set), punk reissues (The Bomb, Rise Against), and Fadeaway Records‘ Friends, which has the most stacked tracklist of any compilation in recent memory. This week […]

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‘Labor Day’ Trailer Proves Why It’s Never A Good Idea To Pick Up Josh Brolin

Jason Reitman is finally shedding his quirky skin and digging deep into a world where the consequences for poor decision making do not result in a hilarious relationship with Jason Bateman. Labor Day may sound like the latest romantic holiday film, but that could not be farther form the truth. On a trip with her […]

Kevin Smith’s “Red State” may be released sooner than expected

If you haven’t been following Kevin Smith‘s film Red State, you need to catch up. The Clerks director has taken a turn for the world of horror with his latest flick and has rewritten the book on grassroots marketing in the process. Not only did Smith “buy” the film himself after premiering it at Sundance, […]