Antique Records 2012

Antique Records Launches Cyber Monday Sale

Boston’s Antique Records are getting into the economical holiday spirit today with the launch of their first ever Cyber Monday sale. For the next twenty-four hours, users can purchase limited edition bundles packages, including pre-orders for their shirts and crewnecks. Every order will be in before Christmas, so get shopping! Follow these great people over […]

Stick To Your Guns 2012

Stick To Your Guns’ Frontman Launches Kickstarter

Kickstarter has gained another project this week. Stick To Your Guns frontman Jesse Barnett announced that he has set up a small account to help fund his solo acoustic album. Read the official message below and let us know if you decide to help Barnett reach his $2,000 goal! He is almost halfway there already […]

Spotify launches in the United States

The internationally successful music playing program Spotify has made its way into the United States and plans to dominate all others. The official trailer can be viewed by simply looking below. Learn more about what could be the next huge thing in music for the US by clicking past the product link. Do you think […]

Big Boi launches record label with his daughter

You heard it right, Big Boi has indeed started a record, called Purple Kids, with his 16-year-old daughter. Big Boi has given the label to his daughter as a sweet 16 birthday present. The first artist signed to Purple Kids is 12-year-old singer Gabbie Rae and her music video for “Neverland” can be viewed here. […]