Attila Guitarist Parts Ways With Band

Metalcore outfit Attila recently kicked off their album release cycle for Guilty Pleasure with the release of a brand new single in “Proving Grounds,” but slightly less pleasurable news has come from the band’s camp today. According to a post on guitarist Nate Salameh’s personal Facebook page, he has amicably parted ways with the band […]

Crystal Castles 2013

Alice Glass Parts Ways With Crystal Castles

Experimental electronic duo Crystal Castles have not released a full-length since 2012, but with today’s announcement, it unfortunately seems we won’t be seeing a followup. Alice Glass, vocalist of the duo, has revealed via Facebook she is departing the outfit, and thus, “this is the end of the band.” It’s quite the shock as the […]


HRBRS Part Ways With Vocalist

California hardcore outfit HRBRS have been through a variety of member changes over the span of their existence, but this fact does not make departures any less saddening when they occur. Today’s adieu is especially difficult, as vocalist and founding member Matt Gutierrez has announced he will be parting ways with the band. According to […]


Vocalist Xander Bourgeois Leaves Secrets; Admits To Attending Rehab

Vocalist Xander Bourgeois has revealed he is no longer fronting Rise Records band Secrets. Announced via a video blog post at roughly 3pm (EST) on April 20, Xander Bourgeois explains his departure by revealing that he spent the majority of the last six weeks in rehab for his ongoing battles with drug addiction. According to […]


Bonnaroo Leaves 2013 Line-Up Clue #1 Online

Bonnaroo is one of the nation’s top festivals and have released the very first clue about their 2013 line-up. The clue from Bonnaroo reads, “Rising son of man, the future was less certain, Human contact is gone.” Guesses from our staff include David Bowie, Frank Ocean, The Who, and Rage Against the Machine. Which artist/artists […]

cruelhand 2012

Cruel Hand Leave Bridge Nine Records

Cruel Hand released news earlier today that they have decided to leave Bridge Nine Records. They are planning to self-release their next record. The band wrote their letter to the label and can be viewed past the jump, along with Bridge Nine’s response. We wish Cruel Hand the best of luck on their independent endeavor.

The Devil Wears Prada 2012

James Baney Reveals He Was Kicked Out Of The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada recently faced a difficult point in their career when keyboardist James Baney reportedly left to pursue other interests. Today, the story continues. Baney revealed, through a series of Tweets, that “leaving the band was not actually my decision.” Read the statements from James and TDWP by simply looking below. There is […]

comeback kid

Casey Hjelmberg Leaves Comeback Kid

It has been reported that Comeback Kid‘s guitarist Casey Hjelmberg has left the band. Read the official statement from the group by simply heading through the jump and let UTG know how you feel. We wish Casey the best in his future endeavors. “We very unfortunately have to announce that our friend and guitar player […]

sumerian records

Sumerian Records Pulls Catalog From Spotify

Another week, another label realizing the streaming revolution of Spotify simply isn’t for them. Following in the footsteps of Century Media and Prosthetic, Sumerian Records has officially pulled their catalog from the streaming service. The label took to Twitter today to defend their actions: We rather be able to send our bands around the world […]


Rob Arnold And Matt DeVries Leave Chimaira

Chimaira vocalist Mark Hunter has unveiled that the group will be losing their guitarists Rob Arnold and Matt DeVries. A loss for them but we are hopefully will recover with two more greats like these guys. UTG will fill you in on the latest happenings of Chimaira soon. Hunter had this to say about Rob […]


Tyson Evans and Kris Ruiz leave Handguns

Handguns have gone through plenty of member changes and they surely haven’t stopped yet. It has been revealed that replacement singer Tyson Evans and guitarist Kris Ruiz, of Second To Last, have left the band to continue with their old band. Handguns have released an official statement stating that they have an officially replaced Evans […]


Cartel part ways with Wind-Up Records

At a recent show, Georgia’s Cartel announced that the band had left Wind-Up Records. They will be releasing their new EP independently on October 4. This will be the first new material released by Cartel since the 2009 album Cycles. This is not the first time Cartel have made a change like this – in […]