Kingsfoil with Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz Leaves Kingsfoil

Apart from his acting career, Frankie Muniz has taken to music to indulge his creative side. His most recent endeavor was joining the indie rock band Kingsfoil, for which he was drummer.

Today Kingsfoil announced that he would be leaving the band. Due to scheduling conflicts, the band decided that they will tour this Spring without him. Muniz is rounding 30 and looking to make yet another career change in the near future.

A statement was made by Kingsfoil in their Facebook page this afternoon.

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blessedbyabrokenheart 2012

Tony Gambino Leaves Blessed By A Broken Heart

According to a recent youtube video, vocalist Tony Gambino has announced his departure from hard rock outfit Blessed By A Broken Heart. Gambino opens up about how his family life was getting torn apart by touring and the arrival of new frontman Sam Ryder.

Click through the jump to listen to BBABH’s track “Out of Control,” featuring Sam Ryder, and give us your opinion. Does it rock as hard as old Blessed By A Broken Heart?

The UTG staff wishes Tony well in his home life.

the chariot

Jonathan Kindler Has Left The Chariot

The Chariot‘s own Jonathan Kindler has let his fans know (via Instagram) that he has made the decision to leave the band. Read his official message by simply looking below and comment after the jump.

We wish Kindler the best of luck on his future endeavors.

“For the last 6 years I have been blessed to be apart of The Chariot, a place where God has taught me to create and worship freely. I am most thankful for the relationships I have been blessed with; my brothers in The Chariot, and the countless friendships that I have gained all


IT’S OFFICIAL: Gary Ross Will Not Direct “Catching Fire”

The man who brought The Hunger Games to life has announced he will not be tackling the film’s sequel, Catching Fire.

Whether or not you enjoyed the recent adaptation of The Hunger Games, there is no denying the financial success of the film. As a result of that popularity, the studio is trying to keep a tight production schedule running on the sequel, Catching Fire, in hopes of hitting an even bigger jackpot in 2013, but that may now be in turmoil because director Gary Ross has confirmed he is leaving the project.

In a statement made …

fake problems

Casey Lee Has Left Fake Problems

It has been revealed that Fake Problems guitarist Casey Lee has left the band. View the official statement from the band by simply looking below and comment with your thoughts.

UTG wishes Casey Lee the best of luck in his future endeavors.

“Hi guys.

In November Casey told us he didn’t want to be in a band anymore. He’s basically just not into traveling so much anymore. We understand and we love him very much, and we’re all still good friends. We wish him all of the luck in the world in his future endeavors.

We’ll be performing all of …

The Haunted 2012

Peter Dolving Has Left The Haunted

It has been revealed that vocalist Peter Dolving has indeed left The Haunted! This news is coming out of nowhere but somehow Peter and the group have both issued statements. UTG will have more information on this scenario as it unfolds.

Peter stated:
“I am officially quitting The Haunted. After years of working with the band, I am out. I have had it. I will NOT answer questions to why. It’s no one elses business. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to seeing you people at other shows with other projects.”

The Haunted has this to say:…


Attack Attack! Are No Longer On Rise Records

Attack Attack! drummer Andrew Wetzel revealed earlier that the band are no longer part of Rise Records. Aside from this huge news, the guys mentioned they already have 22 songs written and recorded 10 through John Feldman.

A direct quote from the interview can be read by simply looking below. What do you think of Attack Attack! not being a part of Rise?

“So we already have another record sort of in the tubes right now; and we’re going to sort of tinker with it throughout the year. […] We don’t have another record label or anything lined up and


BREAKING: Jonny Craig No Longer Making Music, Claims His Career Is Over [UPDATED]

The world chewed up and spit out Dance Gavin Dance frontman Jonny Craig earlier this week, and it seems Jonny has finally reached his breaking point.

Earlier tonight, Jonny took to this personal Facebook to announce he is moving on in life. In a status update, Craig wrote:

Im no longer gonna be making music. i wont change my mind so just leave me alone. i give up.

This status was followed just a few minutes later with the update:


Craig made headlines earlier this week after a source desiring to remain anonymous …


RUMOR: Earl Sweatshirt No Longer Involved In Odd Future?

Following a few strange events on social networks over the past few days, word is beginning to spread that rapper Earl Sweatshirt may no longer be a part of the hip hop collective known as Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

Sweatshirt, born Thebe Kgositsile, returned home earlier this week from a boarding school in Somoa where he had been sent prior to Odd Future’s mainstream success in mid-2011. He took to Twitter earlier tonight to announce his return and shortly thereafter requested 50,000 followers before new material would surface. It took only six hours to achieve his goal


Bassist Corey Barhost Has Left Kylesa

Kylesa have been confirming, in multiple interviews, that bassist Corey Barhost has indeed left the band. Corey has been replaced on tour by former Kylesa drummer Eric Hernandez.

There is no official explanation from Corey on the events that have taken place but Under The Gun will keep you updated as statements are revealed. The band will be spending a good portion of 2012 working on their new album and will be releasing it in 2013.


Sean O’Donnell Has Left Yellowcard

Sean O’Donnell has announced he is leaving Yellowcard.

O’Donnell broke the news earlier today on Yellowcard’s official website. In a letter to fans, Sean wrote:

In April of 2010, the 5 of us met up in Los Angeles to play some music, hang out, and talk about the future of the band. I felt privileged to be invited to get to do so, and it was an amazing couple of days. Fast forward a year and a half and we’ve put out two full lengths, shot 6 music videos, and traveled to almost 30 countries. It’s been an exhilarating time

Anarbor 2011

Adam Juwig Has Left Anarbor

Anarbor guitarist Adam Juwig has revealed that he has decided to part ways with the band to continue on with his education. A full explanation on this matter from Adam can be seen by simply looking below.

Please read and let us know what you think about the group’s loss. UTG wishes Adam the best of luck in his studies!

“So, some of you might have been wondering if I had fallen off the face of the world or not. About two months ago, I made the decision to leave Anarbor and go back to school full time and live