Joseph Marro Leaves Hellogoodbye

Joseph Marro (keyboard/guitar) has revealed that he is leaving Hellogoodbye and focusing more on his other band, The Early November. Please take a moment to read his statement and give UTG your thoughts on this situation by commenting. “Every once and a while I’ll read a post on Absolute Punk about The Early November or […]

sparks the rescue

David Pait Confirms Sparks The Rescue Have Left Fearless Records

Sad news has come from the Sparks The Rescue camp. Apparently the band are now officially done on Fearless Records. Earlier today reports were made that STR were put on the Alumni list and that began to stir up some controversy. We only wish the best to the guys and know they’ll make good out […]


Follow Up: Fred Mascherino speaks about Josh Eppard’s departure from Terrible Things

News finally broke today that Josh Eppard has officially rejoined Coheed and Cambria, a move fan’s of the New York rock band have been waiting 5 years for. Josh had been the drummer for Terrible Things for the duration of the project up until this point. Now that he and Andy Jackson (Hot Rod Circuit) […]

Forever The Sickest Kids

Marc Stewart Has Left Forever The Sickest Kids

It has been revealed that guitarist Marc Stewart has left Forever The Sickest Kids. Both Marc and the band have put out statements that can be viewed by simply clicking through the jump.


Tyson Evans and Kris Ruiz leave Handguns

Handguns have gone through plenty of member changes and they surely haven’t stopped yet. It has been revealed that replacement singer Tyson Evans and guitarist Kris Ruiz, of Second To Last, have left the band to continue with their old band. Handguns have released an official statement stating that they have an officially replaced Evans […]

Sharks bass player leaves

Sharks have let out to the press that their bass player, Cris O’Reilly, has left the band for undisclosed reasons. The band has issued a statement regarding this incident that can be read below. We regret to announce that Cris O’Reilly is no longer in Sharks. We would like to wish him all the best […]

Artist Vs. Poet lose Tarcy and Joe W.

In the video update, seen below, Artist Vs. Poet reveal that they are two members short. Vocalist Tarcy Thomason and drummer Joe Westbrook have announced their departure due to personal reasons. This leaves guitarist Joe Kirkland to take over frontman duties. Watch the video and find out what the band will do from here on […]

Devin Ingelido will be leaving VersaEmerge

Devin Ingelido has announced that he will no longer be a part of VersaEmerge after next month. Read statements from both himself and the band below. Hello Vultures It is with sadness that we would like to announce that May 7th will be Devin’s last show with VersaEmerge. There are absolutely no hard feelings and […]

Major League lose their drummer

Major League‘s drummer Justin Unruh has quit the group for personal reasons not too long ago. The guys explain that they are looking for ONLY serious inquiries in their message below: Justin quit last night on his own terms due to personal reasons and we wish him the best. We are looking for a serious […]

Andy Jackson has left Terrible Things

According to Andy Jackson’s Twitter update he is no longer playing in Terrible Things. No further information has been released on Andy’s departure but UTG will have the latest in time.

Krazie Bone leaves Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Krazie Bone has announced that he is leaving Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, after being in the group for 20 years, to pursue a solo career and other projects. The official statement was made in the video that can be seen below. Do you think it was a good move to leave after all this time or was […]

Vocalist Joe Benducci leaves Ender

It’s been revealed that vocalist Joe Benducci has left Ender on good terms. Click right here to view an official statement from him as well as the band.