Little Elephant


Pine continue to take over with live performance of “Lopri”

A few days ago, I mentioned a band that has been after my own heart as of late: Ottawa’s Pine. They recently released a Little Elephant session for their track “Letters,” and now they’ve given us the second half of that performance with their track “Lopri.” Featured on our Valentine’s Day playlist, “Lopri” is off […]


Get Lost In Pine’s Little Elephant Performance Of “Letters”

Pine, an indie rock band from Ottawa, Canada is a band after my own heart. With their debut release “You Bury Me,” and following up with two more killer tracks off of a split with Dead Leaves, Pine are, in my opinion, one of, if not the band to watch in coming years. They blend […]


Watch Pillow Talk Perform “Make You Real” For Little Elephant

Pillow Talk is a band that should be on everyone’s radar. Thanks to the folks over at Little Elephant, the band released a live performance video of their track “Make You Real,” to extend their melodic melancholy to your ears. Off of the band’s recently released, stellar EP, What We Should Have Said, “Make You […]

The Greenery

The Greenery Premiere Video Shot At Little Elephant For “Nailed Down”

The Greenery released their most recent album, It’s Looking Grim, this past August. The group has done plenty of touring and promoting the album since its release, and in continuing their efforts they have now premiered a live video shot of them performing one of the singles at Little Elephant. The song is “Nailed Down,” […]