The Simpsons, Family Guy Plan Crossover Episode

We don’t usually cover television, but this feels like the sharks have jumped the shark. Well-past-its-prime cartoon, The Simpsons, and shouldn’t-have-returned-for-more-than-one-season animated show, Family Guy, have announced their unofficial jumping-the-shark moment on ran-out-of-ideas FOX Network, according to Entertainment Weekly. Their press release took a childish, totally unaware tone, with “Peter Griffin” saying “FOX hasn’t spent […]


REVIEW: Louis C.K. – Live At The Beacon Theater

Comedian: Louis C.K. Special: Live At The Beacon Theater Finding out that Louis C.K. was putting out another special this year was all I really wanted for Christmas this year. That new special being one of the best we’ve seen from him to date….well, that just satisfies my inner-most holiday desires for a few years […]