Love Is Lost


David Bowie Releases Music Video For James Murphy’s Remix of “Love Is Lost”

At this point, David Bowie fans should be used to strange theatrics. On a scale of one to Ziggy Stardust, Bowie’s new video for the James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem, producer of Arcade Fire’s Reflektor) remix of “Love Is Lost” is only about a five, but it’s still bound to be one of the weirder things […]

David Bowie

Hear James Murphy’s Epic Remix of “Love Is Lost” by David Bowie

Remember when James Murphy and David Bowie both teamed up to work on Arcade Fire‘s new single, “Reflektor“? Hopefully you do, because that epic song debuted only a few weeks ago. Turns out Murphy and Bowie hit it off well, because Murphy just remixed “Love Is Lost” off his new album, The Next Day. Give a listen […]