Kid Cudi

Fall In “Love” with Kid Cudi’s New Single

A year removed from his most recent full-length, Satellite Flight, Kid Cudi has returned with a soaring new track that is sure to blow the socks off fans far and wide.

Titled “Love,” the Cleveland-bred emcee’s latest effort is a larger than life ode to the underdog, fully equipped with a psychedelic Ratatat sample and a sky-high hook. Throughout, Cudder urges listeners to remain optimistic of the future as Dot Da Genius ups the ante with some top-notch instrumentation. Check it out by following the jump below.

It is rumored that 2015 may finally be the year that Cudi …


UTG Interview: Director William Eubank Discusses ‘The Signal’

We are in the midst of one of the most overcrowded summer movie seasons of all time. Each and every week a slew of great titles have been rolling out into theaters, and this weekend is certainly no exception. I know it can be tempting to give into advertising and see the latest mega-blockbuster starring everyone’s favorite celebrities, but if you’re looking for original ideas and truly engaging cinema then I must demand you drop everything you have planned and see William Eubank’s new film, The Signal.

Opening this week, The Signal tells a coming of age story unlike …


UTG LIST: The Essential Love Songs For Valentine’s Day

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, and on top of all that, it is about as ambiguous as a feeling can get. Since the dawn of time, droves of individuals have tried to put this warm fuzzy feeling into words, and despite varying results, it would seem that everyone can agree on two things:

First, the moment you fall in love–like, REAL love–you will know, regardless of your age, outlook, or past. Don’t ask me how it works; you just will.

Second, and more importantly, regardless of your definition, it will be …


Beck Covers John Lennon

In advance of his upcoming album Morning Phase (due out in February), Beck has graced us with a cover of John Lennon’s “Love.”

The cover of the ’70s era track will have a place on Starbucks’ Sweetheart 2014 compilation album, which will be on shelves February 4 (just in time for Valentine’s Day).

Beck’s wholesome croon brings a new, more chill vibe to the track. It’s not necessarily better or worse than Lennon’s version, but it definitely gives a new take.

You can hear Beck’s cover of John Lennon’s “Love” below.


WATCH: Frank Ocean’s Fallon Appearance

Yup, this is the third Frank Ocean post in a row on UTG this evening. A first? Yes. Unwarranted? No.

Since the announcement that the Odd Future crooner’s record was to be released tonight, we’ve all been scrambling to prepare. In addition to that, Jimmy Fallon had him on his program this evening where Frank performed “Bad Religion” from Channel ORANGE with support from The Roots and a small group of orchestral strings players. It was pretty great.

Miss it? No you didn’t. We’ve got you covered. Click through to watch now.

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MUSIC VIDEO: Pure Love – Bury My Bones

UK rockers Pure Love, featuring former Gallows frontman Frank Carter and Jim Carroll, have debuted their fiery new single video for “Bury My Bones” and we have a feeling this one will stick with us for a while.

Filled with some awesome visuals of the band, and extreme close-ups on Carter as well, this music video holds nothing back at all! Sonically and emotionally this song brings Carter into an entirely different light. Listen and enjoy!

Under The Gun cannot wait to get our hands on this album so be on the lookout for more album information, tour dates, …

this love 2011

This Love Perform Acoustic Set

Ohio rockers This Love performed a special acoustic set for their fans and results are nothing short of spectacular. The group held up at The Depot Coffee House in Urbana, OH, quite this intimate setting for some smooth jams. They played their songs “Free,” “Fly Away” and “Shootout” for everyone.

Watch out for the shifty camera work and be aware that it does get slightly better. I think the videographer had a bit too much coffee that evening.

Either way, watch and enjoy this cool performance from This Love and tell UTG what you think of them.


Southern Lord Records Sign Burning Love

It has been revealed that Ontario hardcore outfit Burning Love have signed with Southern Lord Records. Congratulations to the entire band!

They recorded their upcoming full-length, Rotten Thing To Say, with Kurt Ballou (Converge) at Godcity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts. It will see a release in spring of 2012.

UTG will keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings of Burning Love so keep it tuned here.


Courtney Love Offers Nirvana Songs To The X Factor

Courtney Love is currently at the top of controversy, once again, for her Twitter statements to The X Factor producer Simon Cowell. Love is offering up Nirvana songs to contestant Janet Devlin, just because she is from the same town as her late husband, Kurt Cobain.

I’m sure that if Kurt was alive today he would have punched her in the throat for such a stupid suggestion.

It is going to be incredibly hard to submit these songs and get the rights approved in the time needed. Good job with that one.

Read the Tweet from Love below.

“@SimonCowell you

author & finisher

STREAM: Author & Finisher – Love, Drugs

Orange County’s hardcore group Author & Finisher are trying to distinguish right from wrong and reality vs. fantasy in their brand new track “Love, Drugs.” One thing is for sure, they bring the noise.

A&F don’t have a EP out but I can imagine they are gathering something since new material is slowly finding its way to us! Take a listen to the song and let UTG know what you think after the jump.

We hope everyone is having a great Monday!

angels & airwaves

Angels & Airwaves Confirm Live Album/Documentary

The AVA train just does not stop rolling.

Angels & Airwaves have confirmed that a brand new live album as well as a documentary are in the works.

On top of all this released information the band starting to discuss the possibility of a new album, with a feature film attached, that is apparently “much more ambitious” than LOVE was. We are interested to see what direction the film project takes.

If that wasn’t enough NEW news for you all today just keep an eye out for the band to tour next year in support of LOVE and LOVE II. …

four year strong

Four Year Strong Love A “Fairweather Fan”

Four Year Strong have released a new song, “Fairweather Fan,” that can be downloaded for free right here!

This new song is off the band’s forthcoming album, In Some Way, Shape or Form, that is set to drop on November 8. Be sure to check back here for all the latest FYS news.