Maddie Finn

Envoi 2012

EXCLUSIVE STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Envoi – “Ghost (acoustic)”

Several weeks ago, introduced you to the completely revamped Envoi, a female fronted powerhouse that has been pushing its way into the public eye, causing plenty of blog buzz as it goes. “We’re all pretty experienced but at the same time unproven,” says singer Maddie Finn who fronted an eponymous project up to joining Envoi […]

Envoi 2012

Envoi Premieres Single on

Being a female fronted band in a scene shared by the Paramore powerhouse isn’t an easy thing. It’s one thing to get your foot in the door, but standing toe-to-toe with Hayley Williams is another thing all together. No matter how different a band may be, if their vocalist is a woman, there will be […]