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Maniac Cop

The Upcoming ‘Maniac Cop’ Remake Has Script Writer

Most movie lovers have a soft spot for campy and cheesy horror films. Even though they were probably terrifying when they first hit theaters, nowadays some of the effects are almost comical. One horror film that has been a fan favorite for decades is Maniac Cop. It originally aired in 1988, and had two sequels. […]


HOLY SH!T: Nicolas Winding Refn To Produce “Maniac Cop”

Daily Grindhouse is reporting that modern indie God Nicolas Winding Refn has joined the remake/prequel/sequel/something team working to get Maniac Cop off the ground. Refn, whose name you most likely recognize from Drive and/or Valhalla Rising, was confirmed as part of the project by Larry Cohen during an interview with DG. Cohen commented: “It’s going […]