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EDITORIAL: Justin Timberlake Shows Off His Marketing Genius In One 3.5 Hour Period

Marketing is more important to the success of an artist or album now than ever before, and the sad truth is that the vast majority of industry people have no real clue what actually works when it comes to reaching music fans. Everyone has their tricks and routines, sure, but only a select few have […]

Love Pop Music, Saved By The Bell, & Gore? The Cast of “Final Destination 5” Has A Gift For You

Say what you will about how scary they actually are, but I love the Final Destination franchise. Any true horror fan does. Where else can you see elaborate, high budget deaths in high volume? The latest entry to the franchise, Final Destination 5 hits theaters next week and to promote it, the cast have pulled […]

Kaiser Chiefs announce unique album release

Kaiser Chiefs are releasing their latest album, The Future Is Medieval, in perhaps the most unique way you’ll hear all year. Fans are able to select their favorite tracks from a set of 20, create their own album art, and then not only purchase that copy, but sell it to other fans AND MAKE MONEY. […]

How Weezy remains relevant

The Star Tribune published an article today about Lil Wayne’s ability to stay not only in, but in the center of the pop culture spotlight while locked behind bars for the past 8 months. You can check it out for yourself, here. Artists take note: You don’t have to go to jail for this marketing plan to work.