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Could Nick Cannon Portray Richard Pryor In Lee Daniels’ Upcoming Biopic?

Mr. Mariah Carey is back in our headlines today with news that he may soon be portraying one of the most iconic stand-up comedians of all time. Nick Cannon has spent the past couple weeks teasing the press with the idea he may soon attempt to portray Richard Pryor on the big screen. He’s stated […]


UTG Interview: Marlon Wayans Talks ‘A Haunted House 2’

Few comedic voices have been as prominent or successful in the last two decades as that of Marlon Wayans. From Don’t Be A Menace, to White Chicks, Scary Movie, Little Man, and beyond, Wayans has a knack for bringing the outrageous to life in a way that attracts throngs of movie goers again and again. […]


Plot, Parodies, and Promotional Poster Revealed For ‘A Haunted House 2’

You may have erased it from your memory by now, but in the second week of January this year a comedy arrived in theaters titled A Haunted House. The film starred Marlon Wayans and hoped to revitalize the parody genre with a play on popular horror/found footage films. We hated it, as did pretty much […]


For The Love Of Film – G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

For The Love Of Film is a weekly column from film nerd and lover of all movies Justin Proper. Sometimes you need some help to figure out how to enjoy movies, and we are here to help! No longer will you need to fear movie night because your friends have no taste in film. With this […]

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MOVIE REVIEW: A Haunted House

Film: A Haunted House Director: Michael Tiddes Writer: Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez Studio: IM Global Octane, Wayans Bros. Entertainment There are few things harder to sit through than bad comedy. When a drama isn’t as heartbreaking as it should be, or a horror not as gut-wrenching as the trailer promises, people get upset, but when […]