Every Time I Die post new material teaser

Click right here to watch a small session with Every Time I Die performing some new material. The drumming is insane so please go watch this!

Animals As Leaders working on new material

Animals As Leaders are currently recording new material in the studio. The band are writing this album, as a whole, as opposed to the group’s first album where Tobin Abasi wrote everything with help from Periphery’s Misha Mansoor. Additionally, we have learned that drummer Navene Koperweis will be heading production for the album. Watch an […]

Van Halen working on first material in 15 years

Multiple sources have been talking about the reuniting of Van Halen. Of all the people to comment on this epic occasion, Slash has some insight for everyone intrigued. This would be the first material the band would release in 15 years. What do you think?! Slash’ words of wisdom: I’m a huge Van Halen fan. […]

New material from Every Time I Die in the works

Every Time I Die guitarist Andy William recently unleashed some awesome news for fans through Twitter. Read what he had to say to his followers below: new etid riffs are crushing. so stoked right now. im on another level right now. cool.

Imogen Heap re-inventing the record release process

Imogen Heap is planning to release the first single off of her upcoming album on March 28th. Despite the date, 15 days away, no material for the song, or album has yet been written. Imogen is asking fans to submit bits and pieces of things for her to incorporate into her latest project. She plans […]

Live It Out preview new material

Live It Out have a special Valentines Day preview of new material they have be working on. This particular song is currently untitled and it will be released on March 17th but we will keep you posted on this as it develops! Watch the video after the jump.

Zac Farro (ex. Paramore) releases new material

Zac Farro (ex. Paramore) and Jason Clark have a new band that looks to be called Tunnel. You can listen to their song “Hide Your Eyes” by clicking on the link. What do you think of it?


Austin Carlile video blogs

Austin Carlile is working on new material according to his most recent blog videos. Watch them after the jump!