Tool Post More 2012 Tour Dates

UTG comes baring gifts tonight. Tool have just announced more touring dates for their 2012 schedule and we are excited to share them all with you! Two of the dates still need filling so hopefully the band get those figured out soon. Please check below for the entire schedule and let us know if you […]


Tool In The Studio!

It was certainly a great Thanksgiving holiday for the members of Tool because they are starting to record new material. Didn’t hear me the first time? TOOL IS BACK! The band have been reported as using a Studer A827 analog tape recorder and it is rumored that the new album will be completely recorded onto […]


Puscifer Streaming Latest Album

Puscifer have just released a stream of their entire album, Conditions Of My Parole, which has been pushed back to an official drop date of October 18. If you are a fan of Tool, or any of Maynard’s other projects, you’ll be sure to love this. To listen to the album click here or leave […]


Puscifer unleashes “The Book of Douche Bag”

What the hell is going on here?! That was my first reaction to both of the recently released Puscifer videos I just viewed. I don’t really think anyone knows what goes on inside Maynard’s head but it’s surely nothing I’d want to venture into. I honestly don’t know what I witnessed but take 4 minutes […]

Tool’s new album is “Just Progressing”

Tool‘s frontman Maynard James Keenan has displayed his outright dislike for the public eye and people knowing his business on a regular basis. When Blabbermouth recently caught up with him he revealed some new tidbits about Tool’s progression and where the band is at in their writing/ recording process. Read a quote from Maynard below […]


Puscifer Complete Soundtrack

Puscifer complete soundtrack for ‘Blood Into Wine’. Tracklisting and more news after the jump!