LYRIC VIDEO: Say Anything – “Burn a Miracle”

Lyric videos have become a cheap and fun way for musicians to promote their music, that much is apparent. The fad has grown so much in this past year that even seasoned veterans to the scene have begun to utilize them. I’m of course talking about Say Anything and Bemis’ latest single, “Burn a Miracle.” […]

The Wonder Years explain “I Won’t Say The Lord’s Prayer”

In America, if you’re going to talk about religion you better be ready to defend yourself, especially if what you have to say goes against quote/unquote “the norm.” Dan “Soupy” Campbell and the rest of The Wonder Years have been dealing with this a bit recently over some light backlash over the song “I Won’t […]

Mark Hoppus reveals meaning behind ‘Neighborhoods’

It has been a long time coming for pop/punk icons Blink-182 as they set up to release the follow-up to 2003’s self-titled album. Mark Hoppus recently did a write-up explaining the reasoning behind the albums title, Neighborhoods, and what it means to him. Check out what Mark had to say below and let us know […]