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Glass Cloud Loses Two Members, Will Not Miss Any Tour Dates

Glass Cloud have been the crown jewel of Equal Vision’s heavier side for the last few years, but in all that time they have never had an update as big as the one released just a short time ago.

Writing to fans on Facebook, Glass Cloud announced the departure of bassist Travis Sykes and drummer Chad Hasty. Vocalist Jerry Roush and guitarist Joshua Travis will continue on, and they have already located replacements to fill in for Sykes and Hasty on the band’s upcoming co-headlining tour with Scale The Summit. You can read the original update, in full, below:


Texas In July Welcome New Vocalist, Begin Working On New Album

Texas In July have finally broken their public silence following months of little-to-no contact with fans.

It was August 2013 when the world last saw Texas In July hit the stage, and as an announcement from the band reveals today, it was around that same time the members themselves wondered if they would ever play together again. Alex Good, longtime frontman, was leaving, and as soon as tour ended guitarist Christian Royer decided it was time for him to depart as well. The band was in shambles, but they have since found a new frontman and are once again ready …


PupFresh Retracts Ronnie Radke Accusations

Before we dig into this story, I feel the last few days have seen a lot of things being said about bloggers without giving us a chance to defend ourselves. UTG has never and will never cover Ronnie Radke simply because we think hating him is somehow “cool.” We write about Ronnie Radke because people want to know about him, and whenever we say something negative we find sources to back up our claims. I know for a fact that our friends at PupFresh do the same, and their sources told them Radke was indeed firing the other …


HOLY SH!T: Stone Temple Pilots Replace Scott Weiland With Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington?

The world of rock and roll is up in arms this morning over news the Stone Temple Pilots may have finally found a fitting replacement for troubled frontman Scott Weiland.

Last night, STP made a surprise appearance at KROQ’s Weenie Roast music festival in Irvine, California fronted by Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. The group ran through their hits, all with Bennington behind the mic, and this morning a new single featuring his vocals has found its way online. You can stream that song, which is entitled “Out Of Time,” at the end of this post.

If you had told …

get scared

Vocalist Nicholas Matthews Rejoins Get Scared; Band Issues Statement

Get Scared underwent a vocalist change around a year ago and somehow still managed to keep climbing the underground rock ranks. The band released an EP with their replacement earlier this year that received solid reviews, and to be honest it seemed like things were going great for the band, but news today tells us a very different story has been developing all the time. As of today, Get Scared have officially welcomed original vocalist Nicholas Matthews back into the band. You can read a statement from Get Scared explaining the situation below:


Since the beginning of Get …

the color morale

The Color Morale Begin Third Album, Welcome Guitarist Devin King

The Color Morale have released a series of personal updates to fans regarding the current status of the band. The tl;dr version of this update is that they’ve begun a new album and added Devin King as a touring guitarist, but the full explanation and story is something much (much larger). I don’t want to make this post any longer than it’s already going to be, so here are two full messages from members of The Color Morale regarding their recent activity (taken from Facebook):

Official statement written by Garret Rapp, on behalf of every single member of TCM.


EXCLUSIVE: An Update From Second To Last

Rising punk act Second To Last have been unusually quiet over the last six months. We understand that artists need time to create and are all for giving them space to do so, but for a band as active with their fans as Second To Last, this move has been surprising to say the least. Today the band, or rather remaining members Kris Ruiz and Tyson Evans finally open up about the state of Second To Last and what they have planned for the future. You can read a message from the group below:

Dear world,

As some of you …


Confession Release Final Statement Regarding Member Changes, Talk Tour Plans

Following a night of digital bickering, the dust seems to have finally cleared surrounding the member changes of Australia’s Confession.

If you recall from our post last night, members of the band original posted that vocalist Michael Crafter had been kicked out of the band. We ran the story shortly after the initial announcement, but things soon changed when another update was made on the profile, this time by Crafter, which stated the HE was the only remaining member of the band.

Shortly after midnight a definitive statement was made by Crafter:

It’s Crafter here. I would like to announce


Sharks Reveal Lineup Changes

Just in time for the release of No Gods, Sharks have announced a lineup change.

Never ones to let the man speak for them, Sharks released a statement earlier today informing fans of the changes. Their message reads:

We’d like to announce to you all that there has been a new change. Tony Corrales will be pursuing his journey with The Exposed, and will unfortunately no longer be a member of Sharks. But we’d like to wish him the absolute best for the future! We’d also like to welcome our very good friend Carl Murrihy, as he will now


Evan Pharmakis and Chris Campbell Leave VANNA, Statements Released

UTG has just learned that Evan Pharmakis (guitarist/vocalist)and Chris Campbell (drummer) have left Boston post-hardcore act Vanna.

The new broke on two fronts this afternoon, first with an email containing statement from both Pharmakis and Campbell, then moments later with a video statement from the remaining members. You can view all three statements after the jump.

Vanna are set to begin a European tour tomorrow with the new guitarist/vocalist, Joel Pastuszak, tomorrow.

Pharmakis recently spoke with UTG regarding his new solo project, Wind In Sails. Look for our exclusive interview to run on the site this weekend.


Angel Ibarra Leave Aiden, Band Releases Video Update

Angel Ibarra, lead guitarist of Aiden, has announced that he is parting ways with the band after a decade of touring and recording.

The announcement was first made late last night via a new video update from the band. In the clip, Angel signs off one last time, noting a desire for something news, and offers fans their first look at his replacement. You can view the announcement after the jump.

Aiden will be continuing touring in support of Some Kind Of Hate well into 2012. Click here to view their latest tour dates and stay tuned to UTG for …


The Body Rampant Update Fans, Announce EP

The Body Rampant have issued an update for fans that addresses members changes, as well as new material.

According to a post on the band’s Tumblr, they experienced multiple member changes following SXSW 2011, but have since begun playing secret shows and recording new material. To date, the group has recorded a new 5-track EP, as well as a brand new single. Neither release has dates or titles yet, but the group promises more details in the coming weeks.

UTG has been in talks with The Body Rampant to bring some of their new material to your screens and …