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Watch Liars’ Freaky Video for “I’m No Gold”

At the beginning of this year, Los Angeles electro-punk group Liars put out their dark, eerie new album MESS. They also shared a video for “Pro Anti Anti” which showed clay versions of their faces being melted. It was a perfect visual companion to the song to show their edgy sound and its twisted undertones. Now […]

Liars Pro Anti Anti

Watch Liars Melt Some Faces in “Pro Anti Anti” Music Video

Los Angeles three piece Liars dropped their new record Mess a few months ago. Their art rock electronic sound gets experimental without pushing people away–a tricky thing to do–which immediately grabbed our attention. Now in their new music video for “Pro Anti Anti,” we get a little bit more weirdness before it’s released as a single on June 30. […]

liars mess

REVIEW: Liars – ‘Mess’

Artist: Liars Album: Mess Genre: Goth / Indie Label: Mute “Take my pants off.” These are the first words you hear as the sound of Liars‘ new album, Mess, throws you yet another giant curve ball. No, this isn’t blink-182 potty humor. This is the beginning of a new transition in the ever-changing Liars catalog. […]


Want to see OFWGKTA mess with people?!

I think the title speaks for itself. Watch Odd Future take control of the city of Ladera, California, before they all got famous, and act like complete fools. Nothing more really to say, just watch and enjoy the hilarity of a normal day with OFWGKTA in this 10-minute video.


This is a slight preview as to what the new UTG is going to look like, there is still a lot of kinks to work out though, sorry about the mess -Danny