Driver Friendly Perform Stripped Down Version Of “Messidona”

Driver Friendly have released a stripped down version of “Messidona” for Punks in Vegas. The song comes from their EP, Peaks + Valleys, which was released earlier this year on Hopeless Records. Driver Friendly are one of the more original bands to come out of the Warped Tour scene in years. Featuring horns and synths, the music […]

Driver Friendly

Driver Friendly Sign With Hopeless Records

Texas’ Driver Friendly have been announced as the newest members of the Hopeless Records’ family. We’ve covered their rise over recen years and could not be more excited to see them join such a great label. Not sure who Driver Friendly are? No problem! Earlier this year the members of Driver Friendly made a music […]


Driver Friendly Release “Messidona” Tribute Video, Summer Tour

Texas’ own Driver Friendly are back on Under The Gun Review today, with the creative music video tribute for their song “Messidona” and it is an instant hit. The band take this opportunity to showcase their love of Tom Hanks and pay tribute to all of his classic movie roles. Look out for Forrest Gump, […]