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Texas In July Stream “Nooses” From ‘Bloodwork’

Not long after metalcore quintet Texas In July streamed their new song, “Sweetest Poison,” the band has once again put out another new song entitled “Nooses,” which premiered over at Metal Injection today. Notably heavier and more aggressive, it seems as though the band has gone above and beyond their usual recording cycle to produce these […]

Norma Jean – The Anti-Mother

Band: Norma Jean Album: The Anti-Mother Genre: Hardcore/Metal Label: Solid State Tracks: 1. Vipers, Snakes, and Actors 2. Robots 3, Humans 0 3. Birth of the Anti-Mother 4. Self Employed Chemist 5. Death of the Anti-Mother 6. Surrender Your Sons 7. Murphy Was an Optimist 8. Opposite of Left and Wrong 9. …Discipline Your Daughters […]

Carnifex – The Diseased and The Poisoned

Band: Carnifex Album: The Diseased and The Poisoned Genre: Black/Death Metal Label: Victory Tracks: 1. Suffering 2. In Coalesce With Filth and Fury 3. The Nature of Depravity 4. Adornment of the Sickened 5. Innocence Died Screaming 6. The Diseased and The Poisoned 7. To My Dead and Dark Dreams 8. Sadistic Embrace 9. Answers […]