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Gwar - Battle Maximus

REVIEW: Gwar – ‘Battle Maximus’

Artist: Gwar Album: Battle Maximus Genre: Uhhh…Gwar? Label:  Metal Blade New record, same ole’ Gwar. It is as though this band is synonymous with the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The new record and thirteenth studio effort by Gwar, Battle Maximus, is yet another chapter in the saga of metal’s most interesting […]


REVIEW: Arsonists Get All The Girls – Motherland

Arsonists Get All The Girls have built a career by creating unique metal experiences with each of their previous three albums. Their latest, Motherland, hopes to continue this legacy when it hits stores May 17. Is it a success? Click through to find out!


REVIEW: Becoming The Archetype – Celestial Completion

“A huge step in the progressive direction from 2008’s Dichotomy, Celestial Completion could very well turn out to be Become The Archetype’s magnum opus unless they somehow find a way to top it in the next release. For now, however, it shall remain their most broad and accomplished work.”

Review: Social Jet Lag – The Monster Inside

Alabama five piece Social Jet Lag may not have been on your radar before today, but that’s all about to change. Blending soaring vocals with chugs so heavy your head will hurt, their new album, The Monster Inside, is one you simply can’t miss. Find out more, after the jump!

Antagonist – Exist

Band: Antogonist Album: Exist Genre: Metal Label: Prosthetic Tracks: 1. Bomb Shelter 2. Exist 3. Amnesia Ln 4. Marana 5. Failure on Repeat 6. Immaculate Misconception 7. Final Words For an Unknown Friend 8. Angels 9. Awake 10. So Let It Rain Oh boy, we may be in trouble here. It seems we have a […]