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Watch One Direction Join NASA In “Drag Me Down” Video

One Direction squashed any fears that the loss of Zayn Malik would lead to their ruin when they released “Drag Me Down” in early August. Now, with the release of the song’s official video, the boys turned men of 1D seem perfectly content to be a four-piece pop music force until the end of time. […]


One Direction Swap Faces For “You And I” Video

One Direction‘s “You And I” has spent the past several weeks battling for the top spot at top 40 stations around the country, but it was not until earlier today that the track’s official video made its way to the public. One might expect a song about two loves defying the odds and the rules […]


Discover One Direction’s “Diana” Before It Conquers The Airwaves

The release of One Direction’s new album, Midnight Memories, is finally upon us. We know some of our readers are still on the fence about whether or not they should risk whatever ‘cred’ they believe themselves to have by listening to a boy band, but we could not resist sharing our favorite track off the […]


REVIEW: One Direction – ‘Midnight Memories’

Artist: One Direction Album: Midnight Memories Genre: Pop Boasting a sound the group originally teased as being a bit more rock-driven, Midnight Memories arrives in stores this month to solidify One Direction’s place as the latest greatest boy band of all time. Forget about Bieber’s hijinks in Brazil, as well as any notions you may […]