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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Zoolander 2’ is for someone, apparently

Film: Zoolander 2 Directed by: Ben Stiller Starring: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig The original Zoolander still remains as a bit of an enigma, in my head. It was about a dumb man saving the world and the hijinks that would ensue because of that idiocy, maybe with a little bit of […]


‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ Has Been Delayed By A Baby

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was supposed to begin production before the end of the year, but a new update from the film’s star has made it known that no footage will be filmed in 2014. Writing to fans on what was expected to be the first day of production, or at the very least […]

Alkaline Trio

MUSIC VIDEO: Alkaline Trio – “I Want To Be A Warhol”

Punk-rock veterans, Alkaline Trio premiered their new video for “I Want To Be A Warhol” on MTVu this morning. As an added bonus, the video features the beautiful Milla Jovovich. Watch the Trio performing “I Want To Be A Warhol” in Jovovich’s living room while she lounges around in lingerie and some creep spys on […]


EDITORIAL: “Resident Evil 5: What the Horror Flick’s Performance Tells Us About Industry Trends in 2012”

Sequel may be a dirty word among jaded moviegoers but it remains an exciting one for most of Hollywood. In troubling economic times, nothing excites studios more than consistent results, which explains why we’ve seen a slew of sequels across multiple series in recent years. Horror has largely dominated the realm – Saw and Final […]

MOVIE TRAILER: Faces In The Crowd

Julien Magnat‘s Faces in the Crowd is a much creepier film than the title may lead you to believe. While it may at first seem like a tale on anonymity, the trailer you’ll find below teaches us there is something much, much more sinister at work. The film follows Milla Jovovich, who we forgot could […]