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Gorgoroth – Black Mass [DVD]

Band: Gorgoroth Title: Black Mass Genre: Live Show Release: 07/08 Distributor: MVD When most people hear “Black Metal” they think of Mayhem (mostly due to the suicide incident), but another huge name in the black metal family is Gorgoroth. I got the “privilage” of reviewing their new DVD, Black Mass. This was recorded in (of […]

Earache Records – Immortalised 1986-2000 [DVD]

Label: Earache Records Title: Immortalised 1986-2000 Genre: Video Collection Release: 06/10 Distributor: MVD This DVD was really hard to review as it isn’t any congruent work, but rather short chunks of video put together. It’s 77 minutes of extreme metal music videos and live clips. I’m not going to do a full extensive review because […]

Decapitated – Human’s Dust [DVD]

Band: Decapitated Title: Human’s Dust Genre: Live Show Release: 07/08 Distributor: MVD When James gives me a DVD to review from Scandinavia I expect 2 things: it to be recorded in Krakow, and it to be a bit underwhelming. When I watched the Decapitated DVD, Human’s Dust, only one of those was true, and it […]

Various – Punk’s Not Dead [DVD]

Band: Various Title: Punk’s Not Dead Genre: Documentary Release: 07/08 Distributor: MVD The topic of the roots of punk rock seem to have been covered over and over again with few having new perspectives. It seems any tv or film to approach the topic only discusses The Ramones and The Clash while not looking at […]

Van Morisson – Under Review 1964-1974 [DVD]

Band: Van Morisson Title: Under Review 1964-1974 Genre: Documentary Release: 03/08 Distributor: MVD Visual This documentary covers the musical career of one of the most influential singer/songwriters of the 1960’s and 70’s, Van Morrison. It starts with his involvement with the band Them and then his solo career. It’s pretty much by the books documentary, […]