My Devil In Your Eyes

Album stream: The Color Morale

Listen to The Color Morale‘s entire new album My Devil In Your Eyes that’s streaming on Youtube. This release hits stores on Tuesday, March 8th.

Interview with Garret Rapp (The Color Morale)

Head on over to The Life Stream to read a recent interview with The Color Morale‘s lead singer Garret Rapp. He talks about staying true to himself, their new release My Devil In Your Eyes and overcoming huge obstacles in life.


REVIEW: The Color Morale – My Devil In Your Eyes

“As someone with a generally softer sensibility, I was pleasantly surprised by this effort. The songs are heavy without seeming mindless and noise made for noise’s sake. This, in addition to the solid drumming throughout all ten songs, shows a definite evolution in the band’s sound between both releases. As all of this has occurred in under a year, this is a considerable testament to the band’s work ethic, which if built upon and maintained, could be pivotal to the band’s success.”

DGD and TCM pre-order packages

The pre-order packages from Rise Records are available to buy here. Purchase Downtown Battle Mountain 2 by Dance Gavin Dance and My Devil In Your Eyes from The Color Morale on RR’s webstore.

The Color Morale album news

The Color Morale have announced that their new album, My Devil In Your Eyes, will be released on March 8th via Rise Records.