Nervous Energies Sessions


WATCH: Daylight Nervous Energies Session

Run For Cover Records’ Daylight recently shot a two song Nervous Energies session when passing through Birmingham, Alabama. The band performed two songs for the recording: “Damp”, a song from The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams, the band’s most recent release through Run For Cover, and “Two Of A Kind”, a track from the […]

Coheed and Cambria

WATCH: Coheed and Cambria Nervous Energies Session

I’m a huge sucker for on-running sessions such as Nervous Energies or Daytrotter. I’m an even bigger sucker for Coheed and Cambria. So this morning is a good one. Can you guess why? Oh yea, the title… I need to stop giving all away so quickly. Anyway, yea. We’ve got the 3 songs Coheed performed […]