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Knuckle Puck Announce New EP, ‘While I Stay Secluded’

Having been welcomed with open arms by fans of their music scene, pop-punk breakthrough act from Chicago, IL, Knuckle Puck, have just announced a brand new EP under Bad Timing Records. The six-track effort, entitled While I Stay Secluded, is set to be released on October 28, not too long after the release of their most […]


TEASER TRAILER: The Return Of “Trapped In The Closet”

R. Kelly has unleashed a teaser for his upcoming return to the Trapped In The Closet saga. Teasing not one, not two, but thirty-two new chapters of his musical drama (that turned downright outrageous the first time around, but somehow spawned a successful DVD release), R. Kelly teamed up with IFC to release a trailer […]

Dane Cook confronts Louis C.K.

Fans of comedy will surely remember the rumored feud between Louis C.K. and Dane Cook a couple years back. According to reports (IE: blogs), C.K. was pissed that Cook lifted bits from him, including one about being able to name your kids anything you wanted. You can view a video explaining said argument below: As […]

Wiz Khalifa releases new “DayToday” episode

Wiz Khalifa’s “DayToday” webseries has returned a new season and episode. Click below to view the video, which documents the release day of Rolling Papers and features a special appearance from Snoop Dogg.

Cobracam strikes back!

The new Cobra Starship Cobracam episode is online: