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Louis C.K. Releases New Special, ‘Live At The Comedy Store’

Comedian Louis C.K. has surprised fans around the globe with the digital release of a new, hour-long stand-up special. Live At The Comedy Store was released through the star of Louie‘s official website earlier today. It’s the first special from C.K. in two years, and his first to be filmed at a venue other than […]


Aziz Ansari Releases ‘Buried Alive’ Special, Loves Pusha T And Vinyl

If you’re like us you’re currently recovering from binging on horror movies for the last 31 days. Thankfully, Aziz Ansari and Netflix have delivered a comedic cure that everyone can enjoy without having to get off their couch. Aziz Ansari’s new stand-up special, Buried Alive, is available starting today exclusively through Netflix. The album will […]


Louis C.K. Releases HBO Special ‘Oh My God’ For $5, Includes Extended Cut

The last two years have essentially been a whirlwind as far as Louis C.K.’s career is concerned. His hit show on FX catapulted his already celebrated comedy career to dizzying new heights, and by taking control of all future standup releases Louis made himself one of the most successful comics of all time. When he […]


Aziz Ansari Partners With Netflix For New Special

Comedian Aziz Ansari has revealed that he will release his new stand-up comedy special, Buried Alive, through Netflix on November 1. Announced via a new interview with the New York Times, Ansari is the latest of a growing number of comedians to partner with Netflix. The release will be Ansari’s second hour of comedy in […]



Stand-Up Tuesdays is a weekly comedy spotlight written by the wonderfully talented Angie Frissore. Covering both known and unknown comics, Stand-up Tuesdays is your new source for all things funny. This week, Angie puts a spotlight on Louis C.K. If you or your comedy troupe would like to be featured on Stand-Up Tuesdays, please email It’s […]