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The Secret Handshake – My Name Up In Lights

Artist: The Secret Handshake Album: My Name Up In Lights Genre: Pop Label: Triple Crown Track List: 1. All For You 2. TGIF 3. Nothing Can Change That 4. Little Song 5. What’s Wrong 6. Saturday 7. Make Up Your Mind 8. Hey Girl 9. Brand New Love 10. Last Song As I’ve said before, […]

Save Live Music and Save The Scene! The Secret Handshake!

The Secret Handshake is preparing to release his new record My Name Up In Lights on April 21st and we want you to buy it! TSH is a pop rock hybrid that deals highly with electronics. Most people recognize TSH from their cover on Punk Goes Crunk, but this group [actually, just Luis Dubuc who is joined […]