trophy eyes

REVIEW: Trophy Eyes – ‘Mend, Move On’

Artist: Trophy Eyes Album: Mend, Move On Label: Hopeless Records Genre: Melodic Hardcore, Pop-Punk Australia’s Trophy Eyes are a band whose star is well and truly on the rise, and if their debut full-length, Mend, Move On, is any indication of things to come, then that star is sure to shine very brightly indeed. An […]

sounds of the down underground

Sounds of the (Down) Underground: 5 Australian Acts You Should Be Listening To

Australia has a proud history of punching above its weight, musically speaking. This is particularly true when it comes to acts operating in the heavier music spectrum. With the seemingly endless advances in streaming and social media technologies making the ears of the world more accessible than ever, the Australian independent scene is thriving. The […]

Live clips of the California Dreams tour hit the net

Katy Perry has been trekking across the globe for the past month on her insanely long California Dreams tour. Now, thanks to the power of the internet, you can watch three great live recordings right here on UTG! These clips were taken from Katy’s recent Newcastle performance and feature live renditions of “Teenage Dream,” “E.T.,” […]