Tilian Pearson 2012

Tilian Pearson Is Not In Emarosa

Tilian Pearson released demo online, earlier in the week, with his friends in Emarosa and spawned quite the intrigue. Was Tilian the new singer for the rock group? You can calm down, now that we know for a fact that he is NOT a member at all. Sources close to UTG have confirmed that Tilian […]

Trent Reznor not going vampire

Trent Reznor will NOT be starring in the new vampire flick Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter according to his latest update from Nine Inch Nails official website. Click past the link to view his statement.

Boys Like Girls not playing Bamboozle

Boys Like Girls will not be playing Bamboozle anymore due to the group recording new material in the studio. A message from festival organizers can be read by clicking past the jump.

Jonny Craig not taking a break

Jonny Craig has decided not to take a rest from the music scene.