Miley Cyrus Keeps It Sexy, Simulates Masturbation In ‘Adore You’ Video

Miley Cyrus is the only vocalist working in the music industry today who can turn a beautiful ballad into one of the year’s raunchiest clips. But really, would you expect anything else? Following a Christmas Day leak by an as-of-yet unidentified person, the latest video from Miley Cyrus officially found its way online earlier today. […]


Get Miley Cyrus Naked (And Fight Cancer) For Only $35

If the release of “We Can’t Stop” did not make the message clear enough for you, the following story will once and for all cement the fact Miley Cyrus is no longer the innocent teen that entertained a generation of tweens. She’s an adult, or at least wants to be treated like one, and thanks […]


The Thermals Are So Attention Starved That They Posted A Nude Selfie

What happens when you want news coverage and you’re not doing anything news worthy? A normal person would probably suggest doing something to stand out. A rock band could consider a new album cycle, or going on tour… or posting a nude photo for no reason whatsoever. The Thermals, who describe themselves as “post-punk-power-pop,” said […]

Deas Vail 2012

Deas Vail Cover Radiohead’s “Nude”

Deas Vail‘s own Wesley Baylock was filmed performing his rendition of Radiohead’s song “Nude” and did an incredible job. “Nude” comes off of Radiohead’s 2007 effort, In Rainbows. Read what Baylock had to say about the band’s influence on him and be sure to catch the group on tour with He Is We and Plug […]


NSFW MOVIE POSTER: The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

Now that Tom Six’s Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence has premiered and the reviews were a little mixed, the marketing campaign has really kicked into overdrive. Case in point: What you’re about to see. Even though it will probably never be used outside the internet, a new poster has surfaced online for Full Sequence‘s theatrical […]