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REVIEW: Still Remains – ‘Ceasing To Breathe’

Artist: Still Remains Album: Ceasing to Breathe Genre: Metalcore If you told me Still Remains would put out an album in 2013 after breaking up post-The Serpent five years ago, it’s highly likely I would have chuckled and moved on with my day as the band who wrote Of Love and Lunacy seemed long gone, […]

Still Remains announce (one time) reunion show

Still Remains have announced a one-off reunion show for March next year. The group, who disbanded in mid 2008, will be performing their album Of Love And Lunacy in its entirety at Haste The Day’s final show at the Egyptian Room at the Old National Center in Indianapolis, IN on March 11th. Mychildren Mybride, The Chariot and A Plea For Purging also on the bill.