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Introducing your new favorite post-hardcore band: Sideshow Cinema

The state of post-hardcore seems to be, thankfully, ever fluctuating. As a sub-genre, it is incredibly diverse, containing borderline metalcore acts (The Word Alive, Of Mice & Men) and proggy noodlers (Dance Gavin Dance, Hail The Sun) alike. It makes one wonder what truly defines any genre, let alone this one. There could probably be […]

Of Machines

Of Machines Premiere “All Along The Greyscale”

Even though Of Machines ended up being unable to release their new album this past December as they had hoped, it looks as though they are back on track to put out new music. Chroma Dreamcoat EP does not currently have a release date, but we hope that it will be released within the next […]

Of Machines

Of Machines Post “An Autobiography In Vivid Color Pt. 2 (DEMO)” Despite Troubles With Rise Records

Over the weekend it came to light that post-hardcore favorites, Of Machines, were having some issues with Rise Records which resulted in a new demo being removed from YouTube, much to fans’ dismay. This ultimately resulted in a lot of hate mail sent to Rise apparently which the band then asked fans to put an […]

Of Machines

Of Machines Dealing With Issues Releasing New Music, Might Have To Change Band Name

For those of you who remember, Of Machines released a pretty sweet album back in 2009, then completely fell off the radar shortly after. Well they recently got things back together, and were working on releasing a new EP. They tried to release a new song that seems to have come to a hault, and […]


Of Machines Return, Plan to Release An EP

Forming in 2006, Of Machines spent the next 4 years building a following, signing to Rise Records, and releasing their only record. As If Everything Was Held In Place was released in 2008 and supported the band’s setlists for the next year and a half. Then things changed. In 2010, un-clean vocalist and electronics player Bennett Freeman […]

Of Machines Break Up!

1st Dylan Leaves Now the Whole Band Splits!