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Band Hacks Aerosmith’s Website for Attention?

“Let’s start Halloween week off right, shall we?” That’s what a group of musicians turned hackers said when they decided to hack Aerosmith’s official website earlier this week. Welcome to the new era of A&R, folks. The band did not name themselves, but took to their commandeered webpage to explain that they really, and I […]

Sigur Ros release teaser video

After an indefinite hiatus and a little over three years since their last studio album, Sigur Ros have released a beautifully epic teaser clip entitled “INNI” on their official website. No other details have been revealed but it is speculated that it’s promoting a new album or possibly a live DVD. In February of this […]

New Foxy Shazam webisode

This ‘webisode’ may not be as informational as others, but then again, when was the last time Foxy Shazam did anything like everyone else? Check out the promotional video for their official website below.


Free Download: Zoo Seven

Executive Music Group has announced Del Currie, aka Zoo Seven, will offer his debut album, Lifesaver, for free download on July 12th! Link to the download after the jump.