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the mars volta 2011

DAMMIT: The Mars Volta Aren’t On Hiatus… They Broke Up

The Mars Volta frontman Cedric Bixler Zavala had quite a night on Twitter. His ramblings focused mainly on the truth about The Mars Volta, who are apparently not on hiatus, but instead are no longer a band at all. Omar Rodriguez will focus on Bosnian Rainbows, while Cedric is apparently going to start a new […]

the mars volta 2011

Omar Rodriguez Confirms The Mars Volta Are On “Indefinite” Hiatus

Dammit. I guess all good things must come to an end, but this one caught me off guard. The Mars Volta have been extremely quiet for the majority of 2012, which should make today’s news a little more expected (but we know it still sucks). In a recent interview with CityArtsOnline, Omar Rodriguez confirmed that […]

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez 2012

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Releases ‘Octopus Kool Aid’ Album

The Mars Volta‘s very own Omar Rodriguez-Lopez has released his new album called Octopus Kool Aid and is available to purchase over on Bandcamp. The UTG staff cannot wait to take this album for a couple spins and get lost in the sounds. In true psychedelic fashion, Rodriguez-Lopez’s cover artwork for this project is anything […]