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Watch One Direction Join NASA In “Drag Me Down” Video

One Direction squashed any fears that the loss of Zayn Malik would lead to their ruin when they released “Drag Me Down” in early August. Now, with the release of the song’s official video, the boys turned men of 1D seem perfectly content to be a four-piece pop music force until the end of time. […]


Latest ‘Interstellar’ Trailer Demands Best Picture Consideration

Oh, Christopher Nolan. When the rest of Hollywood begins to let us down I am confident you will continue to push the envelope of possibility and imagination, and that seems to be exactly what you have done with your latest work of potential cinematic glory. When Interstellar was initially teased we knew almost nothing about […]

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UTG APPROVED: Jaw-Dropping ‘In Saturn’s Rings’ Trailer Promotes Lack Of CGI

It’s hard to go to the movies anymore and see a film void of CGI, but one spring 2014 film promises to offer such an experience, and it’s without a doubt one of the biggest stories ever brought to the silver screen. Using over one million photographs and absolutely no digital manipulation, mapping, or texturing, […]