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First Cut From ‘Noah’ Not Sitting Well With Paramount

“Darren is not made for studio films” says one of Aronofsky’s talent reps tied to his upcoming film. Currently, Aronofsky is in a bit of a feud with Paramount executives over the first screened cuts of his upcoming biblical epic, Noah. Given to three distinct groups, a largely Jewish audience in New York, a Christian […]


Eddie Murphy Signs On For New ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Film

This is not a joke, people. Eddie Murphy has once again found work in Hollywood, and it only took a franchise going dormant for twenty years in order for it to happen. Following a story we brought you last week, Eddie Murphy has officially signed on to star in a fourth installment of the once […]


There May Be Another ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Movie After All

Someone call Eddie Murphy and tell him he may soon be relevant again. Reports are pouring in that Paramount Pictures has a renewed interest in bringing their Beverly Hills Cop franchise back to life. The series, which launched Eddie Murphy’s career as a movie star into the stratosphere, has been lying dormant since talk of […]


‘World War Z’ Sequel Already In Development

Well, that certainly did not take long. Though many studios may see opening in second as a bit of a loss, The Hollywood Reporter has learned Paramount Pictures are rather ecstatic over the $66 million domestic debut of World War Z. So much so, in fact, that a sequel is already in development. Speaking with […]


The New ‘World War Z’ Trailer Is The Perfect Way To Start Your Week

Though there seems to be a significantly smaller amount of familiar characters at the box office this Summer, there will certainly still be a number of gigantic tentpole efforts released in hopes of carrying a major studio through the slower months ahead. Of all those films planned for Summer 2013, the one whose quality remains […]


DAMMIT: “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” Delayed 9 Months Due To Greedy Studio Execs

If there is one fad I wish would die out more than any other, it is the use of 3D in film. Sure it can be useful here and there, but in the grand scheme of things I would argue less than 10% of all films shot or converted to 3D actually benefit from style. […]


DAMMIT: Katy Perry’s 3D Movie Arrives This Summer

We knew it was a possibility, but now UTG can confirm pop star Katy Perry will release her first film this Summer. Confirmed tonight via her twitter, Katy Perry: Part Of Me is the 3D concert event movie no one said they wanted, or knew they hated, until now. Few details are available, but Paramount […]


IT NEVER ENDS: Katy Perry In Talks For 3D Concert Film

The majority of music listeners may be sick of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, but apparently Paramount thinks differently. The Hollywood Reporter reported earlier tonight that Perry has entered into discussion with Paramount about making a 3D concert film centered on the vocalist’s highly acclaimed live show. Details are still scarce and no director has been […]


FINDING GOOD IN THE BAD: The Upside To “The Devil Inside”

The weekend is coming to a close and once again, Paramount has a hit horror flick. The Devil Inside brought in an estimated $34.5 million this weekend, earning the third greatest January opening in history (Behind Cloverfield and the 97 re-issue of Star Wars). For a film that cost just under $1 million to make, […]


Get Ready, “Paranormal Activity 4” Is On The Way

Paramount Pictures confirmed rumors that have been circling for weeks today by announcing plans to release a fourth installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise later this year. Though no plot, cast, or production details have been given, Paramount confirmed the project in a press release sent to journalists earlier today. In the release, a representative […]


MOVIE TRAILER: G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Not to be outdone by Men In Black 3, Paramount Pictures has released the official trailer for 2012’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Premiering originally on Machinima, the trailer for Retaliation finds director Jon M. Chu giving the world his best Michael Bay impression with loads of explosions and middle-of-nowhere battle sequences. On top of this, there […]