paranormal activity 3


Second Viral “Paranormal Activity 3” Clip Surfaces

Yesterday, Bloody-Disgusting was sent a mysterious VHS cassette promoting the upcoming film, Paranormal Activity 3. The video cassette revealed our first look at the type of horrific goods we can expect in the upcoming film, but today’s clip takes things even further. This time around, Dread Central (another great website) was the recipient of a […]


“Paranormal Activity 3” Gets Even More Viral, New Footage Online

When promoting films these days, you need to be creative. In the past there was a clear line between films that could afford to promote and those that could not (ie indie). Thanks to the internet, this is no longer an issue. Social networking connects millions in milliseconds and as a result, those who are […]

MOVIE TRAILER: Paranormal Activity 3

Comic Con San Diego hasn’t even been underway a full twelve hours and an already one of the year’s most exciting horror entries has a new development. Apparently, attendees to the Con were given flyers for a new business, Darren’s Timeless Memories, which will convert VHS and BETA into digital files. However, when attendees visited […]