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Listen To Wolfshark’s New Single, “Fireproof”

To make your weekend kickoff even better, we at UTG have teamed up with Michigan party-metal group Wolfshark to debut their newest single called “Fireproof.” The track showcases the band’s heavy side with the additional raucous, party style sound element, making it a track that needs to be immediately added to your weekend party playlist. […]


REVIEW: Attila – ‘About That Life’

Artist: Attila Album: About That Life Genre: Party metal Label: Artery Recordings Most people who know of Attila know what they are about, and know that they like to consider themselves a “party metal” band. They’ve never been shy with who they are and what they’re about. They give no fucks, they make no apologies […]


REVIEW: Attila – Outlawed

Album: Outlawed Artist: Attila Genre: Party Metal Label: Artery Recordings Over the course of just a couple years, the entire landscape of “metalcore” has completely changed–for better or worse. Bands like Killswitch Engage are nowhere to be found, bands like Attila now at the forefront. It’s been a dramatic shift, and it looks like it’s […]