Peter Pan


Christopher Walken Will Smile At Crocodiles As Captain Hook For NBC’s ‘Peter Pan’

We don’t always report on big name stars making small screen appearances, but it’s a slow Sunday and Christopher Walken is the man. If you have a problem with this post, don’t worry. There will be another one, less connected to musicals, in no time at all. NBC announced this afternoon that screen legend Christopher […]

Marylin Manson

Marilyn Manson To Star In Upcoming ‘Once Upon A Time’ Episode As Peter Pan’s Shadow

Well here’s something that will likely make you shoot up in surprise and spit take your morning coffee. According to a recent report by Rolling Stone, one of the most controversial frontmen of the past 20-something years is going to be portraying the mischievous shadow of one of the most beloved cartoon characters for a […]

Vanilla Ice tries acting

90s rapper Vanilla Ice is set to play Captain Hook in a theatre performance of Peter Pan in England later this year. Though he as acted before, it has been a mere 20 years. Check this noteworthy performance right here.