Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Attila

Just a few days ago, Attila released their fifth full-length, About That Life. While it contains the usual suspects lyrically in the form of sex, drugs, and partying, the album also has a standout track named “Callout” which has been making quite a few waves. As the title implies, the song calls out individuals ranging […]

Steve Jobs

Westboro Baptist Jerks to picket the funeral of Steve Jobs

Guess who is back in the Under the Gun newsfeed? That’s right, The Westboro Baptist Church. These insane “Christians” have announced that they will picket the funeral of the late and great Steve Jobs who recently passed away as a result of pancreatic cancer. The ironic thing of this announcement is the platform (and more […]

Westboro Babtist Church to picket Indiana Warped date

Yes, the Westboro Babtist Church has announced that they will be picketing the July 7th Vans Warped Tour Date in Noblesville, Indiana. Here is what they had to say on their website: WBC will picket those attending the Vans Warped Tour of perverts to warn them to flee the wrath to come.  “We Are Warped” […]

Westboro Babtist Church to appear at a Taking Back Sunday Show

The Westboro Babtist Church, famous for protesting military funerals, rock concerts, and gay pride rallies have announced that they will be picketing a Taking Back Sunday concert on June 18 in Seattle. They issued the following statement on their website. WBC will picket Taking Back Sunday at The Showbox Concert with a message for those in […]