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Plot Synopsis For ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Promises Original Story, Younger Characters

Whenever a new comic book movie begins ramping up for production, one of the first questions asked is whether or not the plot will follow in the footsteps of a story from the comic series that inspired the adaptation. Most of the time the answer is no, and that appears to to be the case […]


SHARKS ON A PLANE: ‘Bait 2’ Becomes ‘Deep Water’

When it was released, Bait quickly became the talk of horror forums and conventions worldwide. What’s not to love about a shark trapped in a grocery store, right? No one thought a sequel was necessarily needed, but when word broke in February about a second film that would focus on a shark loose in a […]


The following clip is NSFW. If you don’t know what that means, allow us to introduce you to the internet. Lucky McKee struck horror-culture gold earlier this year when a man stormed out of a screening of The Woman and footage of the event went viral: So what is the big fuss about? Well, The […]