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sparks the rescue 2012

REVIEW: Sparks The Rescue – Sparks The Rescue EP

Artist: Sparks the Rescue
Album: Sparks the Rescue EP
Genre: Pop-punk
Label: (None)

Considering Sparks the Rescue’s recent chequered history (member departures, label schisms), this Kickstarter-funded EP could easily have been populated with lots of morose, self-indulgent songs about rejection, bitterness, and loss. This is not so, however. On this seven-track EP, the band’s fourth, they confront their demons with characteristic pomp and zeal. It’s a hugely enjoyable listen, so much so that it’s almost a pity the songs are so short – there’s enough explosive energy on show here to keep things firing for much longer.

Set It Off

STREAM: Set It Off – “Swan Song”

Set It Off have finally released a lyric video for their most recent single “Swan Song”. The track is taken off their upcoming full length album, which is titled Cinematics. The album is currently scheduled to be released September 18 via Equal Vision Records.

If you like what you hear, I would definitely recommend pre-ordering the album. There are currently quite a few really great bundle deals they are offering so head over to their MerchNow page to see what you can get!

Set It Off are currently on tour and will be on the road from now until …


REVIEW: The Dollyrots – The Dollyrots

Artist: The Dollyrots
Album: The Dollyrots
Genre: Pop-punk/pop-rock
Label: Arrested Youth Records

Four albums in, it’s business as usual for pop rock duo The Dollyrots on this eponymous release. The band’s sound is clinically breezy and spirited as always; the album laden with feelgood, suitably infectious anthems and odes to carefree living. It’s a populist and thoroughly enjoyable record, with the only potential criticism the flimsiness of it all. It doesn’t seek to endure or engage or antagonise but is more about enjoyment and cheer, rejecting any darkness or gravitas in favour of something more upbeat and in-your-face. The Dollyrots


MUSIC VIDEO: Boys Like Girls – Be Your Everything

New England’s Boys Like Girls are hopping aboard the comeback train and this morning we received a link to their latest video, “Be Your Everything.”

Much like their breakout smash “Thunder,” Boys Like Girls have gone back to the world of acoustic guitars to set the foundation for “Be Your Everything.” The verses are weak, the chorus is cheesy, and the production is so high-gloss it’s hard to believe there was ever any heart to start. It’s formulaic, but worst of all, it’s just not that interesting. Fortunately though, the video is inanely well done and offers plenty of eye …


REVIEW: Maroon 5 – Overexposed

Artist: Maroon 5
Album: Overexposed
Genre: Pop/rock
Label: A&M/Octone

Something of a rushed job in the wake of their “Moves Like Jagger” success last year, Overexposed is an awkward and lumbering album, yet one that musters some real gems before it gives out. It’s underwritten and bland, marked by a persistent insecurity as to how it wants to sound. Maroon 5 aren’t exactly the bearers of profound, thought-provoking musicality but their penchant for crafting a sleek pop tune has gone somewhat awry here. The title is fitting, as the tinkering and differing approaches taken to these tracks indicates a catch-all …


REVIEW: Late Night Habit – Nostalgia

Artist: Late Night Habit
Album: Nostalgia
Genre: Pop Rock
Label: Unsigned

It’s not hard to dig a summertime pop rock release. After all, it’s the perfect time to dive into those feelings of fun, love, relaxation, and happiness. The typical layout of these sorts of songs comes from acoustic guitar-laden melodies coupled with soaring vocals that are occasionally met with some soothing harmonization. This is the blueprint that Late Night Habit follows with their latest ep, Nostalgia.

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Divided By Friday

Divided By Friday Release “Prove It” Video

Pop rockers Divided By Friday are out to cement their place in the current music scene with the release of their official video for “Prove It.” The clip, which was released today, features the band doing their best rendition of the “band performs in rundown building” video style. Some may find it boring, but the catchiness of the single more than makes up for the lack of storyline. Check out the clip for yourself, after the jump.

Divided By Friday’s Prove It EP is available now through Hopeless Records.

James Shotwell is the founder of Under The Gun

Sparks The Rescue 2012

Sparks The Rescue Announce Tour With Rocky Love Emily, Aristo

Site favorite Sparks The Rescue and Rocky Loves Emily will be heading out on the road this Summer with support from up and coming act Aristo. The tour, which is scheduled to start June 11 in PA, takes the pop rock acts around the Northeast and Midwest over the course of three weeks. You can view the complete routing below:

6/11 Altoona PA VFW Fort Apache
6/12 Jermyn Pa Eleanor Rigby’s
6/13 Allentown PA Crocodile Rock Cafe
6/14 Poughkeepsie NY The Loft
6/15 Hamden CT The Space
6/17 Providence RI Firehouse 13
6/18 TBA
6/19 Amityville NY Ollie’s Point
6/20 …


REVIEW: Eve 6 – Speak In Code

Artist: Eve 6
Album: Speak In Code
Genre: Pop/rock
Label: Fearless Records

Rather surprisingly for an album that’s marketed as being something triumphant, a peak reached after years of hard work and personal tribulations, Eve 6’s Speak In Code is a remarkably flimsy, insubstantial piece of work. It’s catchy, and poppy, and will no doubt have enormous nostalgic appeal to the band’s fan base, but it’s entirely empty. There’s very little in the way of depth or meaning throughout and it’s difficult to engage with an album so determined to be as vacuous and silly as possible. Without meaning to …

Rocky Loves Emily  - Promo 1

REVIEW: Rocky Loves Emily – Secrets Don’t Make Friends

Artist: Rocky Loves Emily
Album: Secrets Don’t Make Friends
Genre: Pop
Label: Tooth And Nail

If the biggest music related problem solved by the dawn of social media is the ability to discover and connect with new talent, the biggest issue it has created is helping those same artists hold your attention. Before we were all digitally intertwined, bands built relationships with fans through constant touring, fan mail, press, and most importantly, music. Now, music may pull new listeners in, but more often than not the music then takes a backseat to communication, branding, and pretty much everything related to …


REVIEW: The All-American Rejects – Kids in the Street

Artist: The All-American Rejects
Album: Kids in the Street
Genre: Rock
Label: Interscope, DGC

Tyson Ritter commented during an interview that this album sounds like The All-American rejects “finally got their shit together and wrote a record that was going to keep them around.” With respect, I disagree, because this album is a mess. Far from a mature and cohesive release that might do something for their longevity, it’s lazy, unsure of itself, and painfully uninspired. There are no illustrious calling cards begging us to keep paying attention – a lot of this does the exact opposite in fact, and …


REST IN PEACE: The Paper Melody

Pop rock trio The Paper Melody have announced they are breaking up.

The band broke news of their split earlier today on their official Facebook. In a statement to fans, the band wrote:

Dearest Fans,

To our supporters from Day 1 all the way up to present, We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We have had many great shows and experiences over the past few years and it’s all thanks to you guys!

But with deep sadness, we regretfully announce that this is the end of our Story.

We are very sorry to …