pet symmetry

Stream A New Track From Pet Symmetry’s Split With Slingshot Dakota

Well known for their song titles barely making it into Twitter’s 140 character limit is a band called Pet Symmetry. They are an indie rock, power pop trio comprised of Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It., Their/They’re/There), Erik Czaja (Kittyhawk), and Marcus Nuccio. Late last summer, Soft Speak Records launched a split 7″ series that […]

Young Love – One Of Us

Artist: Young Love Album: One Of Us Genre: Electropop Label: Island Young Love is an act that’s been brewing just under the radar for a little while now. In fact, when I mentioned it, my girlfriend shot up like you told her she won the lottery she was so excited. So, at that moment, I […]

A Cursive Memory – Changes

Band: A Cursive Memory Album: Changes Genre: Powerpop Label: Vagrant Tracks: 1. South  2. Everything  3. Changes  4. Perfect Company  5. Bank  6. Lions  7. The Piano Song  8. Tonight Lites  9. All the Weak  10. A Different Kind Of Love  11. Believe  12. Figure It Out  Driving around with the convertible roof down and […]

Beat Union – Disconnected

Band: Beat Union Album: Disconnected Genre: Brit Pop/Powerpop Label: Science Tracks: 1. Disconnected 2. Pressure Zone 3. My Heart Starts Beating 4. Dancing In Our Sleep 5. All On My Own 6. Stay On The Line 7. She Is The Gun 8. Can’t Stop The Radio 9. Johnny Loves Jo Jo 10. Don’t Have Love […]