Andy Kaufman’s Alleged Daughter Revealed To Be NYC Actress

Sometimes the best things in life really are too good to be true. Just hours after the world began losing their minds over the news iconic comedian Andy Kaufman may still be alive, the fine folks at The Smoking Gun have poked a few holes in the story of the woman who claims to be […]


Holy Sh!t: Comedy Icon Andy Kaufman May Still Be Alive

This is without a doubt the strangest story you will hear all week. I’ll try to keep it brief, but just know there is a lot of ground that needs to be covered if you ever hope to understand the living embodiment of comedy madness that was (or is) Andy Kaufman. As far as most […]

Carrie poster

Coffee Shop Prank Promotes Upcoming ‘Carrie’ Remake

Best way to promote an upcoming movie? Pull off a funny prank on some unsuspecting coffee shop patrons (or patrons anywhere, really). As you might have guessed, Sony set up a hidden camera in a coffee shop, where an actress pretends to control her surroundings using telekinetic powers. She even “attacks” another patron in the […]

Yellowcard pranks ATL, The Summer Set

Yellowcard have released their latest tour update and filled it footage of pranks pulled during the recent Dirty Work tour with All Time Low and The Summer Set. Check it out below: